SW Scotland Hedgehog Survey

Hedgehog by northeastwildlife.co.uk
Recent studies of the humble Hedgehog have shown that this popular resident of the British countryside has undergone a significant decline in recent years. DGERC is keen to know more about where they live in SW Scotland to share with organisations investigating their decline.

If you have seen a hedgehog, whether alive or a road casualty, you can help by recording your sighting below.

Sighting details
The date of your sighting (e.g. 12/01/2006). Less precise dates (e.g. November 2005 or even Spring 2005) are acceptable if you are not sure of the precise date.
A six-figure grid reference will help us to precisely locate your record. You can visit the OS website to look up a grid reference - search for a town/location near your sighting, then use the tools to navigate to the correct place and zoom in/out on your map. Right click to drop a marker showing the location and grid reference. A lat/long reference can also be provided (e.g. for marine sightings).
Please give a description of the location of your record. If you have not provided a grid reference above, please be as descriptive as possible to allow us to find the location on our maps.
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Contacting you
The DGERC distributes a free annual publication once a year to those who contribute records to the Centre. This provides information about many aspects of local and national wildlife recording and highlights opportunities for people to get involved with wildlife recording. We also send out emails to notify people of training courses, events and highlight key species that we would like more records of. If you do not receive these already, tick below to be added to the list.

Use of records submitted to DGERC

Information submitted on this form may be collated and disseminated manually or electronically, including the Internet and used for environmental decision-making, education, research and other public benefit uses.

Personal Details

We request your name as this forms an integral part of the record(s) you submit. We ask for your contact details in case we need more information about particularly important records. Your name and address may be entered on computer with the records to identify you as the contributor and to aid data management should you submit future records. Your name (but not any other contact details) may be passed to third parties alongside your records to identify you as the source of the data in copies or extracts of the database carried out in accordance with the functions of the DGERC - no other personal details will be divulged to third parties. If you object to your personal details being retained, please email the Manager of the DGERC (see Contacts page) although please note this will considerably limit the usefulness of the information you have provided.