Listed below are a number of useful links to externela websites that may be of interest to our visitors. These include our partner organisations, local wildlife groups, recording schemes, national conservation organisations and links to useful resources which aid wildlife recording and identification. Please contact us if you know of other useful resources that you would like us to share with other recorders.

Partners and funders

Local/regional recorders

Click here for a list of local, regional and national contacts for various groups, surveys and organisations.

Biological recording information sources

  • Biological Recording in Scotland (BRISC)
    charitable organisation which encourages and supports all aspects of recording wildlife and wildlife habitats in Scotland.
  • Biological Records Centre
    the UK focus for non-bird terrestrial and freshwater species recording
  • NBN Gateway
    growing reservoir of biological records which enables users to view, map and download wildlife records from all over the country.
  • NBN Species Dictionary
    searchable online database giving the latest scientific names and taxonomy for almost all species found in the UK
  • I-Spot
    Online network for anyone wanting assistance with identification of anything in nature
  • Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN)
    information point for marine environmental management, protection and education.

Local/regional groups, organisations and wildlife websites

Useful wildlife recording resources

  • Tree identification
    a simple key to most British trees from the Forestry Commission
  • Arable Plants
    online version of published field guide
  • Shells
    excellent photographs of both common and rare marine molluscs by Sarah Longridge
  • Moths
    online resource with excellent photos and ecological information about many British macro- and micro-moths
  • Butterfly identification
    growing resource of photographs and information about all life-cycle stages of British butterflies
  • Fungi
    online version of Roger Phillips' popular field guide to British fungi
  • Reptile and amphibians
    News, forums and identification pages for all UK amphibians and reptiles
  • Get-a-Map
    Useful resource for looking up grid references

National Surveys, Recording Schemes and Recording Organisations

Other useful links