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Mammal Guardians

Mammal Guardians provided a series of free training courses to teach volunteers how to identify and record a range of different mammal species. Top wildlife experts from organisations around the country, including the Bat Conservation Trust, the Sea Watch Foundation and the Environment Agency, visited the region to train local people to become mammal detectives.

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Woodland Guardians

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Summer 2008 saw the launch of a new 18-month project to encourage local people to get out and about exploring their local woodlands. Participants will get an information pack and access to free learning days with local wildlife experts to find out about different species groups. Plants, birds, mammals, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles - this is YOUR chance to learn about the wildlife in and around your local woods and help by gathering valuable information about local wildlife.

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Woodlands aren't just about trees - there's so much more to discover!

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