The DGERC has a growing database of wildlife and habitat information and access to details of designated sites and other sites of conservation interest (ancient woodlands, red squirrel priority woodlands etc)Meadow Grasshopper distribution map - click for larger version. A key role of the DGERC is to make this information available to a variety of users including local authorities, statutory agencies, environmental consultants, voluntary organisations, students, local wildlife groups and members of the public. The information we provide enables those involved in decision-making to gain an informed picture of the wildlife interest of their study area.

Data Enquiries

The DGERC offers a data enquiry service, providing a range of information and assistance to all users.

Information can be supplied on given search area or for a particular species. We can flag up legally protected species, species on various conservation listings or provide simple species lists for a site. We can also produce distribution maps and information about particular habitats. Please see our data enquiry page for more information.

Aerial photographs

Aerial photographThe DGERC has access to a set of aerial photos for the region. A complete survey was undertaken in 1997-98 and, with the exception of a few minor gaps, there is full coverage for the whole of Dumfries and Galloway. The images have been digitally scanned and orthorectified and are available as tif/jpg images (georeferenced for use on GIS) or as prints at 1:10000 scale. Resolution of the images is approximately 0.85m per pixel. Aerial photographs are charged at £20 per digital tile, each tile covering approximately 2km².

Other services

DGERC can assist with digitising spatial datasets such as habitat and species surveys and display and analyse the information in relation to other geographic datasets. The Centre can provide advice and assistance with regard to database design, recording software, storage and backup of data for ecological work. The Centre can advise on adoption of appropriate common standards to facilitate data sharing.

For more information or to discuss your requirements , please contact us.